Rune Pendants

These Rune pendants are carved, burnt or tooled and cut into leather discs approximately 4 cm in diameter.  To allow for individual preference in length, the cord on each pendant has been tied with slip knots, making each one adjustable.  They’ve been very popular at festivals, in my shop and online.

Rune Pendants

These signs that I use at markets show the meanings of each Rune, summed up in one word (sometimes two):

Rune Meanings - Freyr's Aettir Rune Meanings - Hagal's Aettir Runes - Tyr's Aettir

The letters they represent in the English alphabet are shown below:

Rune Alphabet - A-H Rune Alphabet - I-O Rune Alphabet S-Z

Note: Not all of our letters are represented in the Runic alphabet.  C and K are the same (Kano), J and Y are the same (Jera), V and W are the same (Wunjo).  Also, there is no Q or X.  

Consulting the Runes was a serious matter for the Vikings.  They held the Runes and their magical powers in high regard and consulted a Rune Master, someone who was trained in the use and interpretation of them.  Each Rune has a meaning as well as representing a letter in the alphabet.


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