Psychic Readings - Runes and Tarot


Elizabeth - Psychic Reader - Runes & Tarot                             Hello!  I’m Elizabeth.

You may have been directed here from my other website (Elizabeth Sek – Psychic Reader – Runes and Tarot). If you wish to book a reading, please scroll down.

If you have only just come across this page, please let me introduce myself and my readings:

I have always felt a connection to the world of Spirit and to the ancient ways.

This connection lead me to the world of the Vikings; a world where spirituality was a way of living – it was everything, not just part of life.

As a Viking re-enactor, I discovered the Runes and began to develop my spiritual self as a ‘Seer’ (Seiðkona) or, what we call today, a psychic.  

While the Runes are my primary tool, I also use Tarot to receive messages from Spirit, gaining clarity and guidance for my clients.

Please choose from the readings below. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me.