Nurturing Happiness

Happiness is a choice and we all need to find it within, but sometimes it’s good to have someone to help you shine a light on the path. I’d like to help you find your happiness through my videos, newsletters and blog.

Happiness is a choice!

Like everything else, happiness is something that we have to work on.  There are always situations that challenge us and it is our reaction to that situation that makes the difference.  Each moment we choose. When something happens, we either consciously or subconsciously make a decision about how we are going to react. Whether we feel angry, upset and disappointed or find it within ourselves to be understanding and accepting, so that we can allow the moment to pass – the choice is always up to us.

I feel very passionate about happiness.  I guess because, for the majority of my life, I’ve felt happy and that’s the way most people see me.  One of the reasons I called my business The Happy Viking was because, when I started Viking re-enactment, an old friend called me that.  She didn’t think I fit the picture of any Vikings she’d seen before.  Instead of looking mean and angry, I was always smiling.

It’s always just been part of who I feel I am but, especially lately, I have realised that there are many people who don’t realise that happiness is a choice.  They see what’s going on in their lives and in the world and it upsets them.  A lot of people, including me, can feel powerless and seem to talk about all the things that aren’t going right for them.  It feels, once you start going down that path, it’s hard to find the way back.

Someone said to me once, “Oh, it’s so easy for you.  You’re always so happy and things always work out.”  I had to laugh.  It was like they thought I’d been granted everything I had, like some magic spell.  They had no idea about the choices I’d made or the work I’d put into getting to where I was.

That was a long time ago now but it’s been on my mind lately, as the “Happy” part of my name keeps jumping out at me.  I keep on feeling the urge to do something with this – to somehow nurture and share happiness, to contribute something of value to the lives of others.

A while back I started a Facebook page called I Choose Happiness.  I did it as a reminder to myself in the beginning so that whenever I had days when I felt ‘lost’, when I forgot that I had a choice, I could go to the page and inspire myself.  I didn’t share the page, or invite anyone to like it, but now that people are finding it I feel that this is something I could do that may also inspire others.

I’m no expert.  I’m not a counsellor or a coach but I have lived for almost half a century now on this beautiful planet of ours, have had my share of experiences and have managed to stay a pretty happy person.  Of course I’m not always happy.  I have times when I’m sad and angry but most of the time I feel happy and I know that that’s how a lot of people think of me too.  I also know that there are people out there who are searching for happiness and just don’t seem to be able to find it.

Be so happy that when others look at you they become happy too

If I can help even one person a day, by sharing something that puts a smile on their face or saying something that makes them think about their choices, then that makes me even happier and the ripple begins …

“Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it”

Albert Schweitzer

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