Featured Articles

Featured articles are a wonderful way to promote handcraft and play an important part in “keeping the old skills alive”, something I’m very passionate about.

The more people discover these skills, the more people will see the true value in them.  My desire is to promote conscious consumerism so that more people will question exactly what it is that they are purchasing.  I want people to ask themselves whether buying the cheap mass produced item (that will most likely fall apart almost instantly and then end up polluting the oceans) really is cheaper and better than the (most likely and hopefully understandbly) more expensive handcrafted item.

Of course, the other great thing about featured articles is that it promotes my work.  I do leatherwork because I love it but, I have to admit, it always gives me a good feeling when other people like what I do too and when they share it, that good feeling is multiplied.

Here are some of the places that my work has been featured.  Thank you to all those who have done so.

Salt Magazine’s Summer Edition

Salt Mag Feature - Lost Arts - The Happy Viking

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Hinterland Grapevine Online

Hinterland Grapevine Online - The Happy Viking

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Think Art Loud

Think Art Loud Wearable Wednesday- The Happy Viking

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