Bible Covers

Did you know that most Bible covers are made from reconstituted leather and end up looking like this or worse?  Reconstituted leather is like chipboard; it doesn’t last!

Old Breviary cover


I can create your own custom leather Bible cover.  It will look amazing, will protect your pages and it will last.


These are four Breviary covers that I custom made for a Minister over a 16 month period.

The first …

Working with my client to find a way to fasten the cover so that it would protect the pages of the book, without using a clasp, we came up with this.

IMG_2133   IMG_2140   IMG_2141   IMG_2144

The second …

Deciding to go with the clasp on this one proved to be a much better finish, with a soft piece of kangaroo leather to protect the pages.

IMG_4281   IMG_4268  IMG_4271   IMG_4276

The third …

Choosing another Celtic cross design for the front of this one and a blue stain.

IMG_4908   IMG_4913   IMG_4909   IMG_4858   IMG_4911

The fourth …

Going with another design on the front and another colour.

IMG_5444   IMG_5446 IMG_5445      IMG_5441   IMG_5437


Here they are, all together. 🙂

Custom leather Breviary Covers Custom leather Breviary Covers


If you would like a quote for your own Bible cover, please use my contact form or alternatively send an email to or call me on 0418 435 990.